DiskAnalyzer Pro

DiskAnalyzer Pro

It lets you analyze the hard-disk space and generate reports about its usage
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DiskAnalyzer Pro, as its name implies, is a system utility designed to analyze your hard-disk space and generate reports about its usage.
DiskAnalyzer Pro can analyze either a drive or a single folder. Therefore, it will show you either complete reports about the disk usage or specific reports according to the selected folder.

DiskAnalyzer Pro offers a comprehensive suite of features and benefits. One important feature is that it lets you search for different kinds of files stored on your hard-disk. With the help of the built-in file searching filter you can find many particular files, such as: big size files, oldest files, junk files, zero size files etc. Furthermore, you can customize the search processes according to your needs by applying multiple search criteria. For example, DiskAnalyzer Pro can locate files by date creation, by attribute, by size, by path, etc.

After a complete analysis process, DiskAnalyzer Pro offers you detailed reports about your disk-usage. Also it lets you consult multiple lists that show the useless files, such as: Internet files, junk files, temporary files, zero size files etc. Over a period of time, this kind of files can occupy a considerable storage space on your hard-disk without being strictly necessary. DiskAnalyzer Pro is capable to remove them from your hard-disk and therefore you will regain a lot of storage space.

DiskAnalyzer Pro is a powerful PC utility which offers comprehensive reports about the hard-disk space usage. It is recommended for anyone who wants to use their disk-space more efficiently.

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